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We Struggled for Ages with Head Lice,
Until We Found this One Secret...

100% Natural, Fast and Effective Home Treatment for Head Lice

From the desk of Ole Schwarten
Hamburg, Germany, the

If your family is infested by head lice. - Your first reaction might be:

"Oh, My God! Now I have to call all my friends and get some help to clean EVERYTHING and disinfect the whole house!"

"Then we have to go on a washing binge and everything that can’t be washed, has to be put in the freezer (Lice cannot survive in low temperatures)."

“After that, we will throw a party with all the defrosted food from the freezer!“

“On top of that, I have to call the exterminator and have to buy poisonous chemical treatments at the drug store. I will be completely stressed out AND have to listen to chiding in-laws telling me: ‘When I was your age, WE never had parasites. WE always paid attention to cleanliness! Cleanliness is next to Godliness!’”

You might be about to apply the 3rd wave of chemicals to everyone's heads and the kids are already having irritated scalps...

If you feel a little bit like this, I can understand. My family has been through this, too.

Luckily, today we know it does not have to be like this because we know that there is a quick and easy solution for this dilemma - and I will gladly share it with you.

But first, let me briefly introduce myself am my family:

Pesticide Free & Effortless Home Treatment

Ole, Stephanie und Rosalie.Hello,

we are Stephanie, Ole, Valentin and Rosalie from Hamburg, Germany.

Continuous Head Lice Infestations in Valentin's School and our cautious stand towards common chemical medicines forced us to learn everything about lice and to finally come up with a simple, natural and yet very effective method to treat head lice.

Using this method we were able to get rid of our head lice with two 20 minute sessions. After a short explanation to Valentin's teacher and the other parents, the families of his classmates adopted our technique and quickly cured their head lice, too.


Benefits of the "20 Minute Method" Lice Treatment:

  • Extremely effective (until now we haven't heard of any unseccessful treatments)
  • Little effort (for our two kids, two 20 minute sessions were enough)
  • Quicker healing process
  • Prevents recurring lice infestations
  • Even puts a stop to those resistant lice infestations!
  • 100% natural - no unnecessary harm is done to skin or child
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It's the cheapest method out there!
  • You can keep your hair -(to the delight of our daughter!)

Our daughter Rosalie.
Rosalie after getting rid of her head
lice without cutting her hair.


Step-by-Step Guide
Shows You exactly What to Do Next

With our digital guide "Lice Get Lost" you will quickly learn how to implement the head lice home treatment by applying the "20 Minute Method" to get rid of head lice fast, for good and without putting your child's health at risk.

eBook "Lice Get Lost"

Download "Lice Get Lost" Now - Click here


By reading this book you will learn:

How to Kill Head Lice Efficiently

  • How to reduce your effort to 20 minutes and still be successful
  • What you should do right NOW, Step-by-Step, to get rid of lice
  • How to get rid of lice when they are already immune to treatments
  • How to prevent lice in the future easily even if everyone else has them
  • The weak point in every louse and how to brutally leverage it against them


3 Simple and Effective Methods Against Lice

  • "Quick `n Dirty" - Lightning fast - Instant results
  • The "20-Minute-Method" - minimum effort, very effective - (Our kids got rid of their lice without using chemicals in no time)
  • "Turbo-Charge" for the conventional "Chemical Hammer"-Approach - works like a charm every time.

Download the eBook here


Instant Download = Immediate Help

I have been in the exact same situation as you are now. I can imagine how you feel and I know you need help NOW, not later. Thats why we published the self help guide as a digital eBook, which you can download immediately and read on your computer or print out.

Payment is fast and easy and allows for instant access any time of the day or night. You can read and implement the techniques of the guidebook seconds after you purchase it.


The Price?

Well, what does a typical head lice treatment cost? Here is an example of the cost of a typical conventional lice treatment for 1 child:

Chemical lice remedy 50ml
(for one application, hair shoulder-length)
2nd treatment
1 re-infestation at school

If your child has long hair, then this easily doubles the price to $83. For two kids with long hair, the total cost would be $166. And next season the lice are back in school or kindergarten and you start paying again!

For a limited time only you can get your copy of "Lice Get Lost!" for $29.95.

P.S.: Actually you not only save the money for the chemical treatments and the doctor, you also save yourself much higher bills from the side effects that can often result from those aggressive conventional lice treatments!

And most importantly: You are protecting the health of your children!

Download eBook here - Just click


Lice Cure Guaranteed - Or It's Free!

I am 100% convinced from the quality of my guide and the effectiveness of the 20 minute method. I know that it will help your family, too! That's why I will refund any copy of this guide - No questions asked - within 90 days of purchase.

So in case our method does not work for you (which I seriously doubt will happen) or for some reason you do not find it very helpful you've got almost 3 month to get your full money back.

This means: If you do not get rid of the lice effortless and easily using our method… or you are not completely satisfied for any reason... You will receive a prompt and courteous refund.


Just for Ordering Today, I Will Give You the Following Free Bonuses:

Children's book "The Life of Larry and Louise Louse"

The Life of Larry & Louise Louse

With the help of this story, educating your children about head lice infestation becomes literally a child’s play. Just read it to your child and you are done!

This digital children's book with pictures and illustrations saves you stressful explanations and time and helps your children to not be afraid or embarassed.

Step-by-Step Checklist to get rid of head lice.

The "20 Minute Method" Checklist

With this checklist you will see at a glance what to do next.

Follow this step-by-step check list to get rid of lice quickly and easily. A real time saver!

Attention! Right now these bonuses are an additional free give-away. I will remove them very soon and start charging extra for them.

Do the right thing for you and your children and download the self-help book right now.

Download self-help eBook & bonuses instantly - click here


Get Your Free Report: 12 Answers You Are Itching for (Value of $12.70)

Are you still having doubts?
Grab this free report: "12 Answers You Are Itching for".

Question 1: "Do I have to clean all the cushions, stuffed animals, upholstered furniture, carpets, etc?"
Question 2:

"Can lice be transmitted through hairbrushes or hats?"

Question 3:

"Does long hair get infested more easily than short hair?"

Question 4:

"How to prevent a head lice infestation?"

Question 5:

"How to identify a head lice infestation?"

Question 6:

"Are lice contagious to pets?"

Question 7:

"Is my child allowed to go to school when being infested with head lice?"

Question 8:

"Will my child be dismissed immediately after a head louse has been found on his or her head?"

Question 9:

"Do I need to report a head lice infestation?"

Question 10:

"Can children who are continuously infested by head lice be dismissed from school?"

Question 11:

"Are lice able to crawl inside my head?"

Question 12:

"How much blood do head lice suck?"

Get the 12 answers to these questions by entering your email-address and your first and last name below. I will send you the report plus a free 7 part email course about head lice and getting rid of them.

First- & last name:

P.S.: Your E-Mail-Address is safe and will not be given to anyone. I despise spam, too.


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